Archipelago New York is an ongoing modern day expedition: Filmmaker and photographer Thomas Halaczinsky explores New York’s vast island world by sailboat. Leaving and approaching the city on the water opened a new perspective for the artist and has become a personal journey in search of a sense of place and identity.
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Archipelago - The Book

 “Archipelago New York”, the photographic and literary logbook of the sailboat voyage will be published by Schiffer Books in the Spring of 2018.  Click on the image to read more about the book.

“The utter originality and understated beauties of Thomas Halaczinsky’s brilliant book Archipelago make this a livre d’artiste with a difference. Halaczinsky’s cinematic vision and extraordinarily attuned sensibility miraculously weds art and science in one significant journey.”

Charles A. Riley II, PhD, Director Nassau County Museum of Art


The portfolios provide an insight into the expeditions of the Archipelago of New York. Watch a hands-on interview with the artist and a poetic video installation on the portfolio page.  To go to the portfolios click on the image below.


Sailing the Archipelago of New York,  a lot of hidden treasures came to the surface: stories of love, despair and perseverance. This is one of the tales that made it into the book. Click on the picture to read.

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